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All About Us

Balsa is a leather goods brand company, founded in Colombia in 1984 when our founder Edwin Agudelo, started his challenge and founded a Leather goods factory that, thanks to the quality of the product, grew faster  in the sector, becoming an emblem of quality in countries such as Colombia and Mexico, where it manufactures pieces for brands most recognized in the industry.


Is a line of bags, luggage and leather accessories handmade by artisans from Colombia.


We want to solve the needs of our clients in a functional and innovative way, Balas is a brand specially designed as an emblem of the entrepreneurial character that identifies our country, we solve the functionality and innovation needs of our clients.

Our work begins in 1984, when our founder, Edwin Agudelo founds a Leather Goods factory, thanks to the quality of the product, grows faster in the sector, becoming an emblem of quality in countries like Colombia and Mexico, where it manufactures parts for the most recognized brands in the industry.


We are the result of many elements, given that we have the entire production chain and 36 years of experience, we are free to experiment with new processors and finishes, which is why we are committed to innovation in a sector where tradition is the norm. Our designers have special functions in making each piece so smart that it makes our clients' day to day easier with functional products made to measure.

About Our Business

A premium leather goods brand company, handcrafted in Colombia since 1984. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, Bogota, Colombia and Paris, France.

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Our Artisans can make everything for your company or Start-Up, get in touch and make your dreams come true.

About Balsa

Balsa the Brand specifically designed to assist in every need for the forward moving individual; the ideal partner and perfect element for those conquering in their own world.

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