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All About Us

Our modern day “balsas” or “rafts” are our bags. We carry our precious belongings, from keys, pictures of loved ones, to credit cards, work devices and beautifying tools (namely makeup).
Whatever we carry, it’s what we chose to bring on our great adventures!

I want to be a part of many great adventures, of wonderful people I may never meet, but through “Balsa” a small part of me can be present!

Balsa is a leather goods brand company, founded in Colombia in 1984 when our founder Edwin Agudelo, started his challenge and founded a Leather goods factory that, thanks to the quality of the product, grew faster  in the sector, becoming an emblem of quality in countries such as Colombia and Mexico, where it manufactures pieces for brands most recognized in the industry.

We are the result of many elements, given that we have the entire production chain and 36 years of experience, we are free to experiment with new processors and finishes, which is why we are committed to innovation in a sector where tradition is the norm. Our designers have special functions in making each piece so smart that it makes our clients' day to day easier with functional products made to measure.

About Our Business

A premium leather goods brand company, handcrafted in Colombia since 1984. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, Bogota, Colombia and Paris, France.

Create your Brand with US

Our Artisans can make everything for your company or Start-Up, get in touch and make your dreams come true.

About Balsa

We have our own factory in Bogotà Colombia. If you are ever there, please let us know and we would love to give you a guided tour ;)

We have been making the finest bags for other huge name brands and after much dreaming we decided it was Balsa’s turn.

“Balsa” actually means “raft”.
The indigenous people would save their treasures in rafts, this is how they kept them safe and readily accessible to move and go with them either for survival or embark on great adventures.

Laura Rybaltowski

Owner Balsa U.S.

Laura Rybaltowski was born in Argentina and came to the United States as a teenager, since then she has worked tirelessly to leave her mark in this world. She has three wonderful boys and a husband that loves her and supports her every dream.

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